Intervista con la Capitana delle Lugano Ladies Kira Misikowetz dopo la grande stagione della formazione bianconera, il testo dell’intervista è in inglese, domani ci sarà la traduzione completa. Ringraziamo Kira per la pazienza e per la disponibilità.

1. Hi Kira why don’t you speak about this fantastic season of your team?

We had some difficulty in the regular season and lost a number of games that we should have won. We ended the regular season in third place and many people were saying that it just wasn’t our year to win the title. As a team however, we didn’t lose faith and continued to believe we could win in the playoffs.

We had a tough semifinal series against Langenthal which really helped us feel even more united as a team. We entered the finals with confidence, although Zurich was the definite favorite to win the title, having lost only one game in all of the regular season. It was a real team effort and an amazing accopmlishment to beat them in 2 straight games. For me personally out of the 4 titles i’ve won with Lugano this was one of the most satisfying.  Zurich is a great team with many Swiss Olympic players and 4 foreign players as well, so it took a lot of grit, heart and desire to beat them!

2. And what about the Kira’s season?

This season was difficult. We changed the lines many times which made it hard to feel like we were connecting and playing well as a team. I definitely played my best hockey this year in the European Cup tournament and in the Playoffs of the Swiss League.

3. You come from another level of hockey, after this six years what do you think about the european and swizerland level?

The level of Swiss women’s hockey continues to improve. It’s ironic however because as the Swiss players get better they have more opportunity to go away and play in North America. Some people would argue that because the girls have gotten better, more have left the league to go overseas and therefore the level of the league has gone down in the past few years. I think there are enough young talented Swiss players now that have been coming into the league each year and they have helped keep the level up.

My opinion about the European level of women’s hockey comes from my experiences at the European Cup Championships. In the Euro Cup qualifying rounds of the tournament there are many teams that are much weaker than the teams in the top 6 countries and you find many blow out scores in these rounds. Despite the lopsided results it’s good to see that so many different European countries now have women playing hockey and it’s important for them to be represented at an international tournament.

The final tournament of the European Cup is always a very high level of hockey and many of the teams there seem to have more depth than our Lugano team. In the past we have been forced to play with only our top 2 lines in order to compete at that level.

One thing i have noticed is that the 2 powerhouse teams Sweden and Russia, have all of their national team players spread between just 2 teams in their respective leagues. I have friends who have played in the Swedish and Russian leagues who have told me there are only 2 competitive teams and always the same 2 in the finals. In Switzerland as a league, the talent is spread over more teams and therefore we have less depth when we are up against teams like Sweden or Russia at the Euro Cup. (but we are gaining on them 😉 hehe)

4. Do you think it’s possible for the european hockey compete with the Usa or Canadian hockey in the future?

I think it’s fair to say it will still take quite some time before the european teams are really competeing at the same level as the top US and Canada teams. (division 1, NWHL and National teams)

It’s difficult because women’s hockey has been popular in N. America and supported for much longer than in Europe and there are so many more girls registered to play than in Europe.
If we take the Swiss women’s national team as an example though and look at the progress they have made in the last 6 years they have come such a long way! If they continue like this they will get there soon enough.

People also have to remember that it took many years for men’s hockey to get where it is today. There were many years of lopsided victories and lack of competition for the top teams in men’s hockey and now the gold medal at the olympics could be taken home by any number of teams!

5. You play with an italian girl Elisa Ballardini, what do you think about her?

Elisa is a great person and a great hockey player! She is a quick skater, has good hands and a good sense of the game. Although she’s small she is never afraid to get in the corners or take a hit. I have really enjoyed playing with Elisa over these past years and getting to know her and her whole family 🙂

6. Now speak about yourself, who is Kira when she don’t play hockey?

When i’m not playing hockey i’m coaching the beginner hockey players for Lugano, snowboarding, playing tennis, traveling, hanging out with friends and my boyfriend, and of course going back to Canada to visit my family and friends there.

7. A secret dream of Kira?

To win the European Cup with Lugano before i retire!

8. Where is Kira in the future?

I see myself staying here in Lugano. I hope to coach here after i retire from playing.

9. A message for your italian fans

I have italian fans??? haha If i do then thank you so much for your support 🙂 Oh and get your little girls signed up to play hockey because it’s not just a sport for the boys anymore!!!