From Germany Katharina Schneider-Bodien
The DEL-disciplinary committee  has blocked captain Tyler Bouck (ERC Ingolstadt) for the next four games. Bouck also has to pay a 1200-Euro penalty. During the match against Iserlohn Roosters, he got a match-penalty for a stap with his stick. The disciplinary committee will meet again for Broucks conflict with a fan from Iserlohn. On his way to the cabin, the forward should have checked a fan. The fan incured a bruised rip and pressed charges against the captain.
Forward André Rankel (Eisbären Berlin) is blocked for the next six games. So he has to pay a 1800-Euro penalty. During the match against Ingolstadt, Rankel got a match-penalty for a check in the neck region with a injury of Dominik Walsh. Walsh stayed one day in the hospital and has to pause the next game with a concussion. Don Jackson, headcoach of the Eisbären Berlin doesn’t understand the penalty. In his point of view, Rankel didn’t hit Walsh with his elbow. Rankel: “I have to accept the decision. I didn’t wanted to injure him. Six games or three weeks is a lot of time.”