From Germany Katharina Schneider-Bodien
Kölner Haie – Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg 2:3 O.T. (1:1; 1:0; 0:1; 0:1)

The sharks came motivated from the cabin, but the damper came fast. John Tripp operated a little bit clumsily with the puck and towed him about the glass into the audiences. Then the following powerplay game of the Grizzlys after the punishment because of game delay was finished prematurely. Jeff Hoggan (3). took the puck behind KEC goalie Danny Aus den Birken. In double majority the puck fell during the second third exactly before Jason Jaspers feet(14). Ryan Ramsay (28). provided to the joy of the KEC-fans for the 2:1. Wolfsburg needed some time to recover from it, then came, however, with power. The EHC was during the last 20 minutes consider, however, but could not use their chances. Merely Norm Milley (44). was successful. Unnecessary punishments put off the Niedersachsen over and over again and thus they had to start the way in the extra time. Here they were consider and Norm Milley (62). decided the match with goal number two in favour of the guests.

02:55 0: 1 Hoggan, Jeff (Powerplay-Goal) (Haskins, Tyler; Fischer, Christopher)
13:11 1: 1 Jaspers, Jason (Powerplay-Goal) Ciernik, Ivan, Akerman, Johan)
27:57 2: 1 Ramsay, Ryan (Lee, Chris; Sparre, Daniel)
43:30 2: 2 Milley, Norm (Magowan, Ken; Hospelt, Kai)
61:36 2: 3 Milley, Norm (Powerplay-Goal) (Bina, Robbie; Alavaara, Jan-Axel)

audiences: 7536 Lanxess Arena

Iserlohn Roosters – Adler Mannheim 1:2 (0:1; 0:0; 1:1)

Mannheim started against highly motivated Roosters and could immediately use the first Powerplay. Just Michael Wolf – who last achieved nine goals in nine games against the Eagles – had taken seat in the cool box and Michael Glumac (2) stood exactly right. On the ice the teams delivered to themselves a dogged game with many chances and punishments. 8 times the Iserlohner played in majority, they missed to generate from the powerplay a goal. Francois Methot (51) was late able to raise on 2:0. Iserlohn pressed subsequently once again and came by Shane Joseph (54). to the deserving connection. But also with six players in the final minute they were not able to score again.

01:20 0: 1 Glumac, Michael (Powerplay-Goal) (MaDonald, Craig; King, Scott)
50:33 0: 2 Methot, Francois (King, Scott; Reul, Denis)
53:07 1: 2 Joseph, Shane (Kavanagh, Pat; Veideman, Adrian)

audiences: 3048 / Eissporthalle Iserlohn