From Germany Katharina Schneider-Bodien

Eisbären Berlin – Kölner Haie 1:2 SO (0:0; 1:1; 0:0; 0:0)

In Berlin the Polarbears were the decisive team before 13,900 spectators. Already the first attack provided for cheering on the ranks. However, the videoproof proved that it was no goal. Only at the half-time of the first period Cologne starts into the game and was able to put few couter-attacks. After the side change the game really startet. Christoph Ullmann appeared after only 49 seconds absolutely freely before the goal of the Polarbears and left no chance to Goalie Rob Zepp. The champion of 2009 dominated, however, failed over and over again because of the amazing Danny aus den Birken in the goal of the guests. Only in majority Stefan Ustorf (37) was able to achieve the goal for Berlin. Other goals did not want to fall any more and also the extra time brought no decision. Then the penalty shootout finished by Philip Gogulla in favour of the sharks.

20:49 0: 1 Ullmann, Christoph (Ciernik, Ivan; Gogulla, Philip)
36:46 1: 1 Ustorf, Stefan (Powerplay-Goal) (Weiß, Daniel; Braun, Constantin)

Penalty-Shootout: 1: 2 Gogulla, Philip

audiences: 13 900 / O2 World Berlin


Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg – Hamburg Freezers 3:4 OT (1:0; 1:1; 1:2; 0:1)

The hamburgers played aggressively and motivated. But against Jeff Hoggan (12). it did not help and the Freezers were in arrears. A flash start in the middle segment by Patrick Traverse (22). put everything back on beginning, but Wolfsburg struck back once more. Jeff Hoggan (27) made his second goal. However, Hamburg became better and brought the Grizzlys under control. They were recompensed for it only after the second side change. Rainer Köttstorfer equalised after 60 seconds with a hammer from the bully circle. The joy at the renewed balance probably lasted too long. Only three minutes later Ken Magowan brought Hamburg once more in remains. Afterwards the guests threw all forwards and Brett Engelhardt (57) could mark, finally, also the deserving goal. In the due extra time there was  once more Köttstorfer who protected the extra point for Hamburg. By this two points the North German climb the tenth and last play-off rank.

11:20 1: 0 Hoggan, Jeff ( LaLiberte, John; Sloan, Blake)
21:34 1: 1 Traverse, Patrick (Powerplay Goal) Murphy, Colin; King, Jason)
26:08 2: 1 Hoggan, Jeff (LaLiberte, John; Morczinietz, Andreas)
41:00 2: 2 Kottstorfer, Rainer (Ouellet, Michel; Polaczek, Aleksander)
43:50 3: 2 Magowan, Ken (Powerplay Goal) (Alavaara, Jan-Axel; Furchner, Sebastian)
56:37 3: 3 Engelhardt, Brett (Murphy, Colin; Cohen, Matt)

63:57 3: 4 Kottstorfer, Rainer (Bassen, Chad; Polaczek, Aleksander)
audiences: 2760 / Volksbank BraWo EisArena Wolfsburg