1.Hi Mike, Milano joined the KHL what do you think about this possibility?
I am excited for the fans of Milano that they will get to see great hockey again and I look forward to the next time I come to Milano.
2.KHL can give a possibility for the Italian hockey to become important?
I think it could get new people interested in the sport and help the sport grow to higher levels.
3.Explain to the young hockey players who is Mike Zanier
I am a former goaltender who played in Milano, Asiago and Bolzano. I played for 11 years in your beautiful country and enjoyed my time immensely. I truly miss the Italian way of life.
4.What is the most important moment of your career?
There were many moments so I do not think there was one exact moment that I can say was the most important.
5.Milano a great love for you, talk about your Milano.
Thanks to all the great fans and great friends I have met throughout my years in Milano as they always play harder and I always thought of Milano as my second home. I think the fans love the players who play with emotion and play hard every game and that is what I tried to do.
6.About the present, in Italy you see a new Mike Zanier?
Unfortunately I did not know enough of Italian ice hockey today. I hope that whoever it is the comes to play in Milano gets to enjoy the experience the same way I did!
7.The National Team is back to group A, what Italy can do for you in the next World Cup?
I hope they can perform well and remain in the top group. It is more difficult every year and wish the Italian national team all the best in the future
8.A message for your fans?
Keep on supporting your hockey team and I look forward to meeting them again in the future.