John first of all what do you think about the fact that Milano join the KHL

As long as they have the financial backing and fan support, I think joining the KHL could be a good thing for Milano as it will bring greater exposure for hockey i Italy and hopefully start to attract the higher calibre players back to Milano.

The smaller towns had a very limited budget to attract the higher end calibre players. For me, when I arrived to Italy, I was very young and Cortina gave me the opportunity to show my north american hockey skills off which allowed me to move on to the larger city of Merano and then off to Milano.

Merano, Cortina and then Milano… How many difference did you find in this three place?

The only difference between the 3 cities was that Cortina was smaller and was more personable. It was easier to interact with the fans. In Milano, the fan base was so large that you barely had the time to spend with them.
A special moment of your career?

A few of my special moments had to be when I was selected to play in the 1992 Winter Olympic Games in Albertville, France on Team Italia. Another special moment was when I won 2 championships, playing for the Devils and for Saima. I also have to mention that I greatly enjoyed very much coming back to Milano in 2009 to take part in the All-Star Game. I was so happy to return to see so many fans and to be back on the ice with a great group of guys that we all played together back in the early 1990’s.
A message for you fans in Italy?

My message to the fans is to keep hockey alive. I truly miss all the fans, we had a great time and hope to still keep in touch with you all!