Hi Alex, another season with Anyang Halla. Why did you choose Asia?

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I chose to come back to Asia because of all the places I have played it is where I am most comfortable.  My parents are both Korean and I wanted to learn about the culture that my parents were raised in. It also gave me an opportunity to learn the language and customs of Korea. Anyang is a great organization to play for and the ownership treats the players well.  The fans for Halla are great and there is a great deal of support which makes it that much more exciting to play.

Last year you tried an experience in Europe, how was the level in Germany and England?

The experience in England was humbling.  The level of play was good due to the fact that there were 12 imports.  The travel was tough because we would play away on the road and have to travel back that night to play a home game on Sunday.  It was similar to that of the ECHL and AHL in terms of travel.  The style of play in England was similar to that of North America with a lot of stick work and physical contact.  As far as Germany is concerned it was very skilled and the players all seem to have good skating ability as well as knowledge of the game.  The professionalism in Germany was great, it was very well-organized and the fans were great.  I really enjoyed the experience in both leagues.  
This season you will face Ray Di Lauro, what do you think about him?

I’ve played with Ray Di Lauro in my rookie year in Reading so we have some history.  He is a good defenseman with a good ability to read the play.  Ray brings a good attitude to the rink and he was a pleasure to play alongside.  I wish him the best of luck this year and look forward to playing against him this season.
Who is Alex Kim out of the ice?

I’m pretty laid back off the ice and like to relax at home and watch movies or read a good book.  I like to cook and try new foods whenever I’m given the opportunity.  I’m open to trying new things and learning as much as possible regardless of where I am.  Seoul is a great city with lots of fun things to do so I try to make the best of my time by meeting with friends and meeting new people.  
And on the ice?

On the ice, I try to display my skills and utilize them in a way where it will benefit the team.  I like to play an offensive style game capitalizing on the power play and creating chances in odd-man situations.  I’ve been successful in the past with scoring goals but would like to create more scoring opportunities for my line mates.  I’ve always tried to excel at bringing my best to the ice every time I get a chance, striving to work hard and put on a good performance.
A secret dream of Alex

I’d like the chance to play in the 2018 Winter Olympics for Korea if I get my citizenship and if Korea is permitted to play in those games.  
Who will win this season in the Asian League?

I’m not sure who will win the Asian League this year because there is a great deal of parody in the league this year.  It is too early in the season to predict a champion but believe that Halla has a good opportunity to challenge for the league title again. 
Write a message for the italian fans

I’m glad that the game of hockey has reached areas of the world like Asia and Italy.  It is an honor to play for the fans because if it weren’t for the fans the game of hockey wouldn’t be around.  I want to wish all the fans in Italy a happy 2011-2012 season and hope that they are able to find joy in the game of hockey as much as I have.