Hi Gerome, first year for you in CHL after two years in Italy. Why this change?


Foto by Carola Semino

I tried to sign with a couple of teams in Italy and at the end of the day we could not agree to terms. I was offered an AHL tryout with Oaklahoma City Barons. I had a very good camp and led the camp in points and hits. I was re assigned to Tulsa once Edmonton sent down the majority of their young signed talent. They had 27 guys on contract. I am hoping to get in 10 or 15 games with Oak city.

An important experience for you in Fassa. What is the most exciting moment of this two years?

 The most exciting moment in Fassa was our first round playoffs vs Asiago. I still think if Adam Dennis would of been available and healthy we would of beat them.

We have to consider you canadian or italian?

 I am half italian and half dutch my parents and my blood.

You’re young, you will try to come back in Italy?

 I will try to come back if there is an opportunity I enjoyed it.

What do you think about the italian hockey?

 Italian hokey is becoming very big as they keep proving that they can be in group A in the world championships. With 8 or 9 imports it also makes it a great mix and balance of talent.

You with the blue team… It’s possible in the future?

 I would love to have a chance to play for the national team. I think my style of play could be a positive to the team.It is one of my goals

Last question, your message for the italian fans

I hope more italian fans come out to games and all the imports appreciate the fan support!