Josh first of all, your impression about Italy?

Si rigrazia Daniele Peluso per la foto

Italy is awesome, im playing in the town of Trieste and it resides near the mediterranean sea, so me being a califonria guy i am still close to the water. Even though it’s a little town, theres still a lot going on here it’s fun.

What about the team Trieste

The team has been really good, we all get along together, i know i don’t speak italian that well at all, so whenever i need to hear something or tell somebody something they are helping out with everything. The season has started off good so far, and we have our first game of the italian cup series this tuesday against Asiago.

What do you think about the italian hockey?

The level of play is pretty good, some of the teams from last year are not in the league this year, so the guys on those teams went to other teams only making them better, its going to be tough this year thats for sure

The italians fans want to know more about you, who is Josh out of the game?

I’m a simple person, i like to keep a low key on everything, me and my roommate have been going to the gym everyday here in Italy to get ready for the European Cup, so hopefully all the hard will pay off in the end, but other then that im an easy person to get along with on and off the rink

Laricchia is an italian surname

Yes it is, its from somewhere in southern Italy, but i’m not sure exactly where

So can you speak italian?

Non capisco haha. I am learning a little bit everyday, i definitely understand a little more than when i first arrived here

Who will win the league this year?

Thats a tough call there are a lot of good teams in the italian league this year, but i think when it is all said and done…Edera Trieste will win

Last question, try to say a message in italian for your fans

Ciao from josh laricchia, diavola pizza is la migliore